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Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant combined several stiles of music, rock, classic, jazz, soul, blues and the avante-garde. The played more than 30 instruments.           Gentle Giant was one of the bands who played the best music in the years of the progressive rock period in the seventies.

Gentle Giant produced in 10 years 12 albums. Best Gentle Giant page: http://www.blazemonger.com/GG/




                                            1970: Gentle Giant




                                           1971: Acquiring The Taste




                                           1972: Three friends






                                           1972: Octopus




                                           1973: In A Glass House


[Full Cover]



                                            1974: The Power And The Glory



[Cover]                                           1975: Free Hand




                                          1976: Interview





                                          1977: Playing The Fool (Live)





                                         1977: The Missing Piece




                                         1978: Giant For A Day[Cover]




                                         1980: Civilian







De Band Leden

Gary Green

Kerry Minnear

Malcom Mortimore
(drums 1971-72)

Derek Shulman


Phil Shulman


Ray Shulman

Martin Smith
(drums 1970-71)

John Weathers
(drums 1972-)


Best Gentle Giant page: http://www.blazemonger.com/GG/